Your Trusted Adviser

We strongly believe that, whatever the product you are creating, you need the very best design assistance. In addition to our in-house design team we work closely with a whole range of designers, each of them specialists in their field. For you, this means all the benefits of a top-class design service, with your deadline dates as our priority.

We act as our customers’ trusted adviser and passionately believe that personal communication generates greater understanding of your needs. This enables us to be always one step ahead, providing you and your vendors with the very best experience – allowing you to focus on creating your next collection with peace of mind.

Knowledge and Experience

All our products are made using partner factories in the UK, and throughout Europe and the Far East. We are constantly seeking new partners who are leaders in specialised production techniques. Our worldwide knowledge of manufacturing capabilities is second to none. We do not have our own manufacturing facilities as we prefer to be completely free to choose the most skilled source for every single item you need.

We pride ourselves in providing a single point of contact, the highest quality standards, increased efficiency and consistency throughout.

Enhancing your Brand

Our products ensure your brand stands out above the competition.  Our integrated, focuses service brings inspiration and solutions to your challenges in developing and enhancing your brand.

We help the brand communicate who they are through their branding trims and packaging.