The paper alternative to the poly bag designed for the fashion industry.

Plastic is the dirty word of the fashion industry. Brands and manufacturers all over the world have long been searching for fully biodegradable, sustainably produced alternatives to the poly bag. Our eco plastic options, including Green PE, GRS Recycled LDPE and Compostable Plastic are a great step in helping many brands reach their sustainable goals, however have not been the perfect solution for those looking to completely eliminate plastic from their packaging.

Weavabel have eventually got the perfect solution. After several stages of development and trialling to get the right transparency and strength, we have developed the Spruce Bag.

This is not only made from a fully sustainable source, FSC certified paper, but it is also widely recyclable. The material is translucent
and is clear enough to scan a barcode through. It also has a resealable closure and is robust enough to transport garments.

How will your clients feel if they receive your garment in a stylish paper bag vs. a plastic bag that ends up in landfill or the ocean?

By working through Weavabel’s global platform, the Spruce bag can be produced in Asia and Europe and can then be distributed
directly to your vendors worldwide.

Key Features

Weather Resistant

The Spruce Bag has been designed to be recycled and is certified by FSC® (the Forest Stewardship Council). This innovative development supports the idea of a circular economy in several ways:

  1. The materials that the bag is made with are sourced sustainably, either from an FSC® certified forest, recycled materials or controlled wood.
  2. After it’s first use, the bag can be reused or recycled into something new.
  3. The raw materials are renewable over time, and planting more trees contributes to the environment too. As trees grow, they remove carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen.


Resealable Seal Strip


Side gussets for increased structural durability


Vent holes allow for more efficient packaging

Make your move to this revolutionary plastic free solution today.

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